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Community College of Aurora (CCA) is uniquely positioned in the higher educational marketspace to provide both accredited and non-credit education and skill development programs that are responsive to area employers and the local labor market and attuned to future workforce trends. CCA offers design and instructional services for customized, professional development trainings of employees onsite within the workplace of an organization or remotely. Other programming includes pipeline training programs through apprenticeships, industry certifications, or other fast-trach foundational training programs.
By offering these training and professional development programs, CCA serves as a community resource to local area organizations as well as area growing industries to upskill and reskills both employees and the workforce to best respond to any gaps in skillset among the current and future talent. CCA can leverage its expertise in for-credit degrees and certificates as well as non-credit professional development courses to offer accelerated customized trainings in a flexible environment to meet the training needs of an organizations, its’ talent pool, and the local workforce. To learn more, visit


  • Customized Trainings
  • Professional Development Courses

Rep/Contact Info

Reyna Anaya
  • Phone: (303) 360-4771
Dr. Mordecai I. Brownlee
  • Phone: (303) 360-4775
Courtney Butler
  • Phone: (303) 360-4700
Jennifer Dale
  • Phone: (303) 360-4730
Jim DeLung
  • Phone: (303) 360-4700
Jacklynn Green
Brian Horvath
  • Phone: (303) 360-4700
Cameron Johnston
  • Phone: (303) 360-4821
Julie Stewart
  • Phone: (303) 360-4700
Lauren Thompson
Lynne Winchell
  • Phone: (303) 361-7367

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