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Office & Industrial Movers

Ark & Oak, LLC
Job Description
A mover is responsible for evacuating the things the client asks them to move.A mover must be able to calculate the size of vehicle to be used, in order to accommodate the items that will be moved. A mover also conside rs the
dimension of the item as well as how it can fit inside the packing item and truck.

Duties of a Mover
* Movers are the ones who manage the loading and unloading of furniture from the previous location to its new designated destination.
* They are also responsible for assisting the client in mo ving the things in the relocation area and placing these things in its appropriate place.
* A Mover is also assigned to arrange large items into the storage unit.
* They also take inventories especially in moving the furniture to a long distant place and assure that there will be no defects and scratches in the load they are transporting.
* Movers should also have the knowledge of what material they should use in wrapping the load to ensure its good condition.
* Movers are also tasked in cleaning up the are as and assuring everything has been delivered in the properly.

Work Conditions of a Mover
In their day to day activities they spend time riding in transportation vehicles. The weight of the items that they are moving may weigh m ore than 100 pounds and they must have the proper tools and equipment to lift the item. Mover must have a great lifting technique to avoid getting themselves injured and to prevent damaging the item. More often, they wear their proper uniform to insure safety in performing their job.

Educational Requirements of a Mover
Being a mover doesn't require a stand ard education but communication skills and analysis are more concerned to have this kind of job. The only requireme nt in this job is being physically fit to perform the task.

Occupation and Progress of a Mover
Most movers start as helpers which a re usually employed during the summer season. Experienced movers may specialize in moving offices or installations .

Pay Range of a Mover
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