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Save $8.00 off 1 bottle of Re:Claim
Maintain Energy, Stamina and a Healthier You

Re:Claim for Essentials Minerals

Minerals are critical to maintaining high energy, stamina, healthy organs, strong bones and healthy hair, skin and nails. Unfortunately, modern refining, processing, and cooking methods often rob food of many essential nutrients.

A typical diet of processed foods, combined with a busy lifestyle, can contribute to mineral deficiency. Re:Claim combines 9 essential minerals with CAeDS® in a unique balance designed to replenish mineral deficiencies in your diet. 

Take Re:Claim if:

  • You eat cooked or processed foods
  • You have low energy levels
  • You want to optimize your immune function
  • You want strong bones, healthy hair, skin, and nails
  *Save $8.00 off the wholesale price of $31.99!

Offers Expire June 30, 2018

Contact Aaron Taylor Jr @ 720-612-3969 to place your order...CALL TODAY!

*All products come with a 100% - 30 money back guarantee*

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Offer Valid: June 11, 2018July 2, 2018
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